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Liquid cleaners

Liquid cleaner Cleaning Office

Cleaning Office surface cleaner 125 and 250 ml

Ideal and thorough cleaning of the surfaces of office equipment.
Anti-static active ingredients prevent the dirt returning quickly.

Cleaning Office foam cleaner

Cleaning foam for plastic, metal and glass surfaces. Removes tough
dirt from all plastic, metal and glass surfaces. Turn off electrical
devices prior to use. Not suitable for screens.

Monitor Clean screen cleaner with alcohol

Special cleaning substance for monitors and glass filters.

Cleaning Screen screen cleaner without alcohol

The effective cleaner for flat-screens, laptops and notebooks.
The highly effective saturating liquid gently removes dust and
fingerprints with a lasting effect.

Whiteboard Cleaner

For the thorough cleaning of whiteboards. Removes all standard
whiteboard marker pens.

Product information

Liquid cleaners

Cleaning Office surface cleaner
Cleaning Screen

      Office Oberflächenreiniger Cleaning Screen
Cleaning Office foam cleaner

Monitor Clean

Monitor Clean Whiteboard-Reiniger
Contains 125ml, 250 ml 400 ml 250 ml
Packaging unit 125 ml / 24 bottles in box
250 ml / 6 bottles in boxn
12 units
in carton
250 ml / 6 bottles in box