Pharma and cosmetics pruducts

in cotton aromatic towels

Original bachflowers from england Optimism and trust, strength and energy are key to achieving an inner
balance that helps us to lead a positive life. Bachflowers are some of
the most effective medicinal plants known to natural medicine and
continue to find more and more satisfied users. The external use of
select Bachflowers has also been proven and has positive effects.

Tipp Bachflower essences applied to soft cotton towels
for external use!

Bachflower refreshment towel Active Morning

Active Morning

- for a positive start to the day
with essence of:
Hornbeam Clematis White Chestnut Beech Cherry Plum
Hornbeam - mental strength for daily life
Clematis - spiritual presence instead of reverie
White Chestnut - mental clarity
Beech - tolerance and empathy
Cherry Plum - takes energy from the negative emotions

Waking up full of energy, in a good mood and ready to take on the day is what we all want,
but it is not always achievable. Often there is just time for a quick cup of tea or coffee before
rushing out the house. The Bachflower remedy "Active Morning" and a moment's pause is
all it takes to welcome the day in a strong frame of mind. The aromatic oil from green tea
is used to carry the scent of the active ingredients!

Bachflower refreshment towel Vital Day

Vital Day

- for an active and motivated day
with essence of:
Centaury Oak OliveMustard Willow
Centaury - strength of will, self-determination
Rock Water - vital needs
Oak - strength for people who are run down
Olive - a holiday for the soul
Mustard - joie de vivre, energy
Willow - awareness of self-determination

Actively master the second half of the day, and start your evening full of energy. Time for
a short energy shower, for some relaxation and strength to maintain a balance between
tension and well-being for the rest of the day. Take a few minutes out of your lunch break
to enjoy "Vital Day", so that you can master the rest of the day feeling freshly rejuvenated.
The aromatic oil from lychee is used to carry the scent of the active ingredients!

Bachflower refreshment towel Relaxed Evening

Relaxed Evening

- for restful and balanced evenings
with essence of:
Red Chestnut White Chestnut Honeysuckle Gorse Sweet Chestnut Wild Rose
Red Chestnut - weakens worries
White Chestnut - brings mental clarity
Honeysuckle - consciously in the here and now
Gorse - hope, will to fight
Sweet Chestnut - the comforter
Wild Rose - optimism

In an ideal world, the body and soul are always in harmony. Unfortunately, our everyday
routines do not always allow this. Moments of peace and relaxation have become a rarity
in our hectic lifestyles, and it is often not easy to switch off in the evening. Allow yourself
to relax properly after a hard day at work, by letting the Bach flower remedy "Relaxed Evening"
take effect. The aromatic oil from white rose is used to carry the scent of the active ingredients!

Using Bachflower towels

Unfold the towel and rub across the forehead, neck and/or underarms, and take a little time to sit back and
pause for a few moments. The soft cotton towel is gentle on the skin and gives off the intensive and aromatic
fragrance of the natural ingredients.

Product information


Active Morning

Active Morning

Vital Day
Vital Day
Relaxed Evening
Relaxed Evening
Individual printing for orders over 5.000 units
Material Terry towel
Contain 1 towel in hygienic individual sachet
Towel size approx . 185 x 200 mm
Packaging size 68 x 140 mm
Print format 54 x 122 mm