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Glasses cleaning cloths

Brillenputztücher aus Mikrofaser

Microfibre glasses cleaning cloth ... breathe and use!

High-quality microfibre glasses cleaning cloths for clear vision.

Suitable for all lenses, including coated plastic lenses.
  • washable up to 60 °C
  • reusable
  • lint-free
  • also ideal for camera lenses, CDs,
    optical lenses, jewellery

TippZip fastener provides
protection against dust!

feuchte Brillenputztücher aus Vlies

Wet glasses cleaning cloth
Specially impregnated crepe paper cloths with anti-static
and de-mister effect.

  • saturating liquid contains alcohol
  • not suitable for plastic lenses

Product information
cleaning cloths

glasses cleaning cloth

Microfibre glasses cleaning cloth
glasses cleaning cloth

Wet glasses cleaning cloth
Individual printing 3.000 units 21.000 units
Material Microfibre crepe paper
Contains 1 cloth in hygienic
individual sachet
1 cloth in hygienic
individual sachet
Packaging unit 100 cloths in carton
(includes display for 40 cloths)
1.500 cloths bulk-packaged
in carton
Cloth size approx. 200 x 200 mm approx. 140 x 140 mm
Packaging size 93 x 141 mm 60 x 90 mm