Pharma and cosmetics pruducts

Pharmacy postage bags

Pharmacy postage bags ...the perfect set to ensure that medicinal
products arrive safely with your customers!

Mailing bag

made from waterproof material, with safety
fastener, guarantees the safest and most confidential
mailing of medicinal products.

Mailing label with carbon copy, can be used as proof of
delivery, and consecutive order numbers. The label also
includes 3 service stickers which can be individually
removed: "Other remarks", "Package left at neighbours'"
and "Look in your postbox".

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Product information
postage bags

Pharmacy postage bags
1 set contains one mailing bag and 1 adhesive shipment label
Versions A4 format, approx. 225 x 305 mm
A5 format, approx. 150 x 210 mm