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Health & Care

Functional towels Fitness & Care for promotion Ideas for protection and well-being. The Health & Care
series impresses with its exclusive and effective
applications and saturating liquids. These functional
towels provide real eveyday benefits with a positive image.

TipFunctional towels with
aromatic medicinal plant extracts!

After Insect Bites

Soothes itching and swellings after insect bites.
Relaxes and calms the skin.

Sleep Well Towel

The aromatic towel with active ingredients from
Japanese medicinal plant therapy helps you to have
a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Anti-Stress Towel

For inner peace and balance with an aromatic fragrance.
A relaxing wipe for the forehead, neck and temples.

Before Cold Catches You

Beneficial aromatic oils unblock the airways and help
soothe. Also suitable for heating up in a bain-marie.

Acetate of Magnesia - cotton compress

An old household remedy brought back to life! Grandma's
acetate of magnesia as a compress. For traditional use
as a compress for cooling bandages.
  • handy size
  • has a more intense effect when cooled

Product information

Functional towels

After Insect Bites
Sleep Well Towel
Anti-Stress Towel

Before Cold Catches You
Acetate of Magnesia - cotton compress

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Individual printing for orders over 5.000 units
Material Cotton
Contains 1 towel in hygienic individual sachet
Packaging unit Box: 5 individual towels
Batches: 500 units to 50 units in PE bag
Towel size approx. 185 x 200 mm
Packaging size 68 x 140 mm