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Cotton refreshment towels

Original Coolike refreshment towels made from cotton.

Manufactured without alcohol, therefore skin-friendly,
even in the case of solar radiation.

cotton refreshment towels Surprise yourself with the incomparable freshness
and lasting effect of this high quality towel.

The quality towels for top advertising campaigns!

cotton refreshment towels

cotton refreshment towels 10 fragrances

Coolike freshness activator for hot days:
Remove towel from packaging, unfold, and wave briefly in the air.
The pleasant coolness will return.

Product information

Refreshment towels

Original Coolike refreshment towel made from pure cotton

Original refreshment towels made from cotton, without alcohol.

A choice of 10 fragrances:
FRESH - fresh, Mediterranean fragrance with a light sweetness
LEMON - with the refreshing scent of lemons
SPORT - a sporty, fresh and subtle herbal fragrance
INTERCONTI - the airline's fragrance, light like "fresh, white laundry"
ICE FRUIT - with the intensive scent of exotic fruits
DEEP OCEAN - with the freshness of the sea
NATURE - very fresh, with flowery notes
SPECIAL - Japanese herb oil, very intensive, can also be used for aromatherapy
COCONUT - fresh exotic coconut
CREAMY - subtle creamy and inspiring

Individual printing for orders over 5.000 units
Material cotton
Contains 1 towel in hygienic individual sachet
Towel size approx. 185 x 200 mm
Packaging size 68 x 140 mm
Print format 54 x 122 mm