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Disinfection wipes in single sachets

Offer protection against bacteria, yeast fungi
and special viruses* in just a few seconds.

Vibasept Desinfektionstücher für Hände und Flächen

Vibasept disinfection wipes for hands and surfaces
Reach your target group with an attractive and at the same time useful advertising gift!

A fast hygienic disinfection is currently required everywhere
- whether on bus or train, in public toilets, at cash machines
or shopping cart handles. With the Vibasept disinfection wipes
that is no problem!
  • short application time
  • ideal for on the road
  • dermatologically tested, very good skin compatibility
  • applicable without water
  • Vibasept Disinfection wipes for hands, BAuA-Nr.: N-63719
  • Vibasept Disinfection wipes for hands + surfaces, BAuA-Nr.: N-92995
The single cloths in the handy packaging format are intended
for single use.
The special feature: the cloths are made of high-quality viscose
fleece and contain a lot of impregnating liquid. They offer so
a pleasant skin feeling and a particularly thorough disinfection!
With individual printing on the packaging they are the ideal
advertising medium for all industries.

Prevents infectious diseases.

Effectiveness tested against:

Bacteria: S.aureus (incl.MRSA), E.hirae, E.coli, P.mirabilis,
P.aeruginosa, M.terrae (tuberculocide)
Yeast fungi: C.albicans
Viruses: Noro-, Rota-, Adenoviruses and enveloped viruses like:
BVDV, Vaccinia virus, HBV, HIV, HCV, H5N1, H1N1, coronavirus
(such as Sars-CoV-2), Herpes Simplex.
*Limited virucidal PLUS according to EN14476

Desinfection wipe against viruses and bacteria.
Product information


Disinfection wipes

Vibasept disinfection wipe in single sachet Vibasept disinfection wipe in single sachet
Individual printing for orders over 5.000 units
Material non-woven
Contains 1 towel in hygienic individual sachet
Choice of foils
for sachets
Paper/aluminium/PE foil white
Polyester/aluminium/PE foil white
Polyester/aluminium/PE foil silver
Towel size approx. 185 x 200 mm
Packaging size 68 x 140 mm
Print format 54 x 122 mm

Use biocides safely! Read label and product information before use.