Quality grades for carrier materials

Quality grades for carrier materials

terry towel Terry towel
The towelling material that we know in its use as hand towels and bathrobes can also be used to create wellness and functional towels exclusive to Coolike. Loved for its softness and fluffiness, the fabric is immensely absorbent. The soft surface is extremely pleasant on the skin. The towelling and the selected saturating liquids make it an exclusive premium product.



Cotton is a natural product. Its texture means that it can both absorb and dispense a lot of liquid. The soft structure is especially gentle. The outstanding characteristics combined with the exclusive saturating liquids lend the towel an incomparable quality. Cotton is, therefore, an ideal advertising medium for top products.

non-woven structured material

High-quality non-woven viscose material (75g/m2) has a defined surface structure allowing it to absorb an extremely high quantity of saturating liquid. The non-woven structured material is soft and pleasant on the skin. The material itself is very robust and tear-resistant.

non-woven viscose material
The non-woven viscose material (45g/m2) can be described as cotton's younger sibling. The material characteristics do, however, mean that the amount of saturating liquid is somewhat reduced. The material is skin-friendly and pleasantly soft. With the same packaging size as the cotton towels, this towel is an alternative for the smaller budget.

crepe paper
The traditional crepe paper towel is the cheaper alternative for advertising freshness. The optimised use of the saturating liquid allows it to be used for the well-known, classic functions. The material is ideal for large quantities with above-average spread.

Microfibre is a special advertising concept in the large-scale cleaning sector. The unique microfibre technology allows for streak and lint-free cleaning, with no need for cleaning agents. The towel is extremely robust, washable and reusable. It is the value-preserving towel for computers and accessories, glasses and optical devices.