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Oshibori refreshment towels

Oshibori refreshment towels
TipRelaxation and rejuvenation inspired by Far Eastern traditions

SUPERIOR TERRY TOWEL known from gastronomy and the in-flight service of international airlines.

The service item for your patients provides lasting refreshment and relaxation. The large terry towel with lots of refreshing saturating liquid and soothing aloe vera is the XXL fresh kick for the body and soul. .

The hygienic zip fastener on the packaging means that your patients can reuse the towel throughout the whole day, and can moisten it again as required by adding water.

Applied cold provides intensive freshness and acts like a cold compress. The towel provides long and lasting coolness, particularly after medical or cosmetic treatment.

Heat up
for 15 seconds in the microwave and the mini-sauna is ready. Simply unfold the hot towel, lay on the face or use it to rub

Product information
oshibori wellness

Oshibori wellness - superior terry towel

- does not contain alcohol
- for cold and hot application
- with aloe vera

Material Terry towel
Contains 1 towel in hygienic individual
sachet with zip fastener
Packaging unit 200 towels in box
Towel size approx. 220 x 220 mm
Packaging size 93 x 175 mm